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This year the school and municipal tax increased. For what? We do not need more police and more firemen. We need less. We need those currently employed to make a reasonable wage, not the extremely high salaries their unions have sucked out of the city for years. Enough! We the people cannot sustain this.
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Danny Rider

Hey great idea genius, lets make an argument for less police. In Wildwood, for example, on any given shift there is a maximum of two full time officers and 10 class II officers many of whom just graduated the academy. Food for thought, the island towns Police are paid the least in the county and less than the firemen who get to sleep at night. Its been proven that if you lower salaries, you get a less qualified officer. Why? Well, there is no attraction to the job anymore. Take away the pay and the benefits, then the college educated person who has an interest in the job now has the common sense and the education to realize that it is not worth the money, stress and negative attention. That highly qualified and once motivated future police officer gets a job in the private sector or federal government. Who is left? The ones who will settle for whatever salary the town is willing to pay because its the only job they could get. You are dumbing down the profession. Rant over…..

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Villa Cav
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wow, aren't you the touchy one. Philly cops make less than the island town cops, yet deal with real crime everyday. Cops down here are over paid considering they deal with much less than the cops in Philly or any other big city do. Now the rant is over.

Danny Rider

So why would you sign up to make less money for more crime? Seems like someone didn't think things through.