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Wildwood Crest
Wildwood Crest should reconsider beach tags. Over the last few weeks, I have seen an increase of beach goers. Most of these visitors are not Crest taxpayers. The people who come to our free beach are the people who do not want to pay the beach fee by their homes, and those from inland. Most of these visitors do not spend any money in Wildwood Crest, adding only a burden to the lifeguards and the DPW. By implementing beach tags, jobs will be created; a benefit to seniors. To appease the motel owners, give them three tags per unit as part of their mercantile license.
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- Cape May Point, New Jersey

I understand the concern, but I just don't understand how the conclusion was reached. How does one know that "most" of the beachgoers are just people from the area who are trying to avoid beach tag fees? How do you know they are not staying at all those Wildwood Crest hotels/motels and other rentals?