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While riding bikes along Shore Dr., my husband and I had a white SUV with Jersey plates come up behind us, beeping their horn, cursing at us and yelling at us to get out of the road! Instead of waiting until we could pull over more, they continued driving, forcing us into a sand pile that had spilled onto the road, where I almost fell off my bike and crashed into their vehicle! And we don't need a sidewalk/bike path?
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George Smith

You do know the other side of the road has sidewalks. The roads are for cars. I have rode my bike along the Bay since 1960 and I never expected the cars to get out of my way.

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Janet Rich Klecz
- New York, New York

No, leave the dunes alone.

If you knew the laws in this state a little better you would know the sidewalks are actually for people and not bikes. And according to those same laws, the bikes have just as much right to the road as the vehicles. Sometimes you need a bit more than the shoulder to get around say a dune or other debris. The only problem here is the rude SUV driver. He has the right to go around the bicyclists just as they have the right to go around the sand. But like I tell my kids, give vehicles all the space you can. It's fine to be right but I don't want some rude driver making them dead and right.

Kelly Lynn Dean

If people on bikes are going to ride on the road then I say hurry up. You are considered a moving vehicle so get out of the way or do the speed limit. It's quite annoying when bicyclists take up the road and then go back and forth deciding to ride the shoulder or go out into the road.