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North Wildwood
While on my way to pay a fine for a seat belt violation, I was pulled over by N. Wildwood police. The reason was because there was a warrant for my arrest. I was told I was being arrested for not paying the seat belt violation of $48. I tried to explain that I was headed to the court house to pay the fine. They didn't want to hear it. I was cuffed and taken to the jail house for a seat belt violation. I was treated like a criminal. My very first arrest for a seat belt. There is an epidemic on the loose in this county, and if you are worried about seat belt violations, God help us all!
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Dorene Rich Camp's picture
Dorene Rich Camp
- Wildwood, New Jersey

Next time don't wait so long to pay the ticket. If there was a warrant that means the ticket was way past due.

Bob Norton's picture
Bob Norton
- Greensboro, North Carolina

I believe that Ms. Camp is right. Warrants are only issued after several failure to appear notices are issued, so please do not try to disparage the NWPD because of YOUR inattentiveness.

dmk4646's picture
- Maple Shade, New Jersey

Of 'course' you were!! I went through the same thing years ago when I did not show up at a court appearance in Lyndhurst N.J. about a tow truck rear ending me.Middle of the winter and there I was (like a convicted felon etc cuffed like you..can you imagine the SHAME) I told the friendly officers that I, TOO, was just about to enter my vehicle and go up the Parkway right that very minute to pay that ticket that was only like 4 months late....but they just WOULDN'T believe me.....I never.....