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We are new to Wildwood and not sure what to do with our trash cans. We have gotten several violation stickers on our trashcans due to us leaving them out when we leave home. How are others handling this? We live two hours away and can't drive back just to pull these cans in. Wildwood is a summer town; is there a service we can hire to help us? We hate to bother neighbors! Help!
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Suzanne Taylor
- Cape May, New Jersey

Yes it is a summer town but there are folks who actually live and work in these towns.I walk my dogs every night and these cans are all over the sidewalk here in Cape May.I would ask a neighbor to pull it in for you,or even pay him 10 bucks a week to do it.I can't imagine it would be that much of a bother to get the cans back where they belong.

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- Wildwood, New Jersey

why not just buy some hefty trash bags take trash home with you

Take over to recycle center before you leave town