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Stone Harbor
To Stone Harbor spouters: Perhaps bicyclists are using sidewalks more often because the bike lane is overcrowded with pedestrians? Hard to stay in a bike lane loaded with joggers next to joggers, mothers with double-wide strollers and the inevitable lone walker inexplicably slow walking in the exact center of the bike lane, all forcing bicyclists, i.e. those for whom the bike lane was made, into car traffic. The police should start issuing warnings and tickets to these pedestrians as they would if they were walking down the center of the car lane.
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Max Hauser's picture

Heh, a pretty accurate description of the bike lane.

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- Cape May Court House, New Jersey

"...can't we all just get along?" beep, beep

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If the car lane is overcrowded can I just drive down the sidewalk? If not, then why are bikes allowed to break the law and drivers are not? Just because other people are in the wrong place or acting irresponsible does not give you the right to break the law and endanger pedestrians.

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Janet Rich Klecz
- New York, New York

I am glad that I don't live in Stone Harbor. smh