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Stone Harbor
Several contractors drive around Stone Harbor and Avalon while texting and talking on the phone. All day long, going from job to job, driving distracted. Obey the law and keep the streets safer. Stop before there is a tragedy. If, as a retired cop, I see this every day, why are the patrol officers not seeing it? A driver texting or talking is 24 times more likely of being in an accident!
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importer1's picture
- Stone Harbor, New Jersey

well if your a retired cop.why not pull them over and arrest them .instead of posting here

Ben Rattleberg

More inteligent thought? Thanks for the laughs amigo!

Suzanne Taylor's picture
Suzanne Taylor
- Cape May, New Jersey

I'll be honest,doesn't bother me seeing my contractor texting .maybe he is on his way to help someone with a plumbing or electrical emergency.Hoping the patrol officers have more important traffic stops to make,like pulling over a drunk.