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Regarding drug testing for welfare applicants: Your prejudices are showing. Why assume that poor people are lazy or drug users. Florida did this and of the over 4,000 tested, only 108 were found to have used drugs. The program cost taxpayers considerably more than it saved. Further, the Florida supreme court found the law unconstitutional.
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Bob Norton's picture
Bob Norton
- Greensboro, North Carolina

Most people on welfare are capable of working and improving their situation: instead, most choose to use drugs and breed without regard to the working people that are forced to support them. If you feel that strongly about the issue, then by all means work to support the parasites, just DO NOT make others do the same.

Ashley Doenlen's picture
Ashley Doenlen
- Cape May, New Jersey

How is it prejudice to fix an on going problem that's been going on in cape may county?? Have you not be following the new for cape May county we have a bad heroin problem! I bet you right now if you were to send out letters to all welfare applicants stating that to continue receiving there benefits they have comply with a drug test within a certain amount of time or they will lose their benefits, their will be a line at the door!. Also so it doesn't cost the state anymore money deduct the money from there benefits, simple as that. It sounds mean but I feel it will save state lots of money. Also people who " can't work" cause they can't find a job should do a minimum of 25 a week of community service. The problem is nobody wants to work anymore. I grow up poor but once I was able to work at the age of 14 I did and haven't stopped, so the problem is that people can't it's that they won't because if they are proven guilty they will have to give up everything that was handed to them