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Latinos here are outraged that southwestern border agents aren't being given the necessary training to deal with the humanitarian crisis of thousands of children and infants from Central America who are in this country. Most of these agents are men with little training in changing diapers and infant feeding, yet nothing is being done. Contact your officials to correct this situation immediately.
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Bob Smith_1

here is a idea ..THEY should have stayed on their side of the fence .why do we have to be everyone if you could do better why not foster some of those kids .why would you care if you mlik more money out of the WELFARE department it is not like you giving the usa any money back

Sean Farrell's picture
Sean Farrell
- Villas, New Jersey

At least you didn't complain about them not speaking English, seeing as you seem to have a tenuous grasp on it yourself.

Bob Smith_1

lol .so i forgot one thing .guess your ok with more people on welfare