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Cape May County
Kudos to all agencies involved in that rather large heroin bust! $3.6 million worth! Nice score guys. Now we have to keep pushing them back. We got some big movers now, let's lean on the smaller peddlers and use them to lead you to other big movers. Let's start in Rio Grande and Green Creek. Those two spots are hot areas and a great place to start. Keep up the good work Middle Township and Leusner.
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Not to worry, they will plea out of most of the charges and get out with minimal time in jail or probation. And it's just like someone retiring...the next person in line moves up into the drug dealer/distributor position.

Ashley Doenlen
- Cape May, New Jersey

Great job!! Get these scum bags off the street, these drug dealers are living the high life supplying peoples habit and living tax free while their women probably don't work and are collecting money and food stamps from social services, it's a pitiful cycle!!!