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Cape May
Just watched our governor on NJTV bashing Obama for not doing enough to support Israel in its massacre of the Arabs in Gaza. Christie seems delusional in supposing this pandering to wealthy Republican campaign donors will enhance his presidential ambitions, when leading Republican spokespeople on Fox seem to have written him off as a top candidate for president.
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David James Poster

He's too "left" for the new, far-right tea party-owned GOP. He's too right for any moderate Democrat that has 6 or more brain cells or has lived in NJ and seen he is a blow hard bag of lies.

Lower taxes? More Jobs? Less Government?

Where are all his promises? What has he done?

Michael Reyes

I think the Governor would be perfect. He doesn't take any crap. Christie could stand up to Putin. It's either him or Hilary for President. And the Governors powers are limited.