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Stone Harbor
It's time to examine the need for libraries in 2014. Best use of tax dollars? Looking at Avalon’s schedule of events, it seems like the place where older residents go if they want to find out how to turn on an iPad. Most books can be found online now. Let’s cut funding and build a small padded room with WiFi. Have someone there all day explaining what iPads are and where the power switch is. If someone wants to read Moby Dick, they can sit at a table there and download it onto their tablet. Then, take the money for the library and build a wave pool! Those things are cool.
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- Stone Harbor, New Jersey

wow great idea TOURIST .while we do that why NOT start charging for parking on every street .so we can have that extra money made with those pay the lifeguards .THAT only work for 120 days

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Art Sells
- Stone Harbor, New Jersey

we already have a pretty wave pool right along the eastern edge of the town and it's energy efficient!:) libraries rock!!!