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I work for a local medical office. Please have your insurance card and ID ready when you arrive. I know, you're here all the time. We don't care, we still need your information every visit. Please stop arguing with me about it. If your physician wants something special, please bring it in writing. I can't take your word for it. It only takes a minute for him to write it on a script and I'm not calling him. It's your job, not mine, to make sure you have everything you're supposed to have.
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Edie Fellenbaum's picture
Edie Fellenbaum

Wow, you're really nasty.

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- Wildwood, New Jersey

your wrong as long as your employed there .its your job to take care of the matter what you cant sit and drink coffee and be on phone all day get off your fanny and earn your salary

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I know you – you’re that person that greets the patients with the sarcastic look on your face. I'm wondering why you are in healthcare if it has you so worked up. If I were your manager (and I hope to God you’re not one), I’d fire you on the spot for this spout off. You not only sound rude and arrogant, but you have now made your boss look like he/she condones what you’ve written and your attitude. Try to remember that many patients are sick and/or nervous about their visits. They don’t intentionally come in to irritate you, actually you may be the very reason they are nervous. Healthcare is about kindness, understanding, patience and tolerance of all people. You need take a deep breath and use a more welcoming approach.