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Wildwood Crest
I saw an officer at a local school event and there was no interaction with kids or teachers. They just stood there, miserable and texting on their phone. It is called community policing. Did they not teach that at the academy? Get to know the people you serve and protect.
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Bob Norton's picture
Bob Norton
- Greensboro, North Carolina

First, was it one officer or more than one, your post is confusing. Second, this calls into question your observation. Third, did you watch the officer or officers, again your post was confusing, the entire time? Perhaps the minute or so you claim that you made your observation, the officer was conducting official business that did not allow him/her or them (you should try to be more clear) to interact with the public. I must opine that you are a confused person that should, if capable, be more careful in knowing what you are talking about. Good day.

Bob Lubberman's picture
Bob Lubberman
- Cape May, New Jersey

I don't see this. I've had at least one child in the school system for 18 years. The SRO's are very well known and well liked by the kids and and are very involved. Even years after the kids have left the schools they worked in they still remember not just the kids names but details about them. Many work with the kids even when they are not on duty.