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Stone Harbor
I really thought everything in Stone Harbor was great this past Memorial Day weekend, except driving. My only concern is the amount of low emission vehicles on the streets. I almost feel like it is time to have a designated path for them. They just seem very dangerous to other drivers, between the golf cart speed, kids hanging out of them and passengers really should have to wear a helmet! Call me crazy, I just feel they are very unsafe to others.
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- Stone Harbor, New Jersey

wah wah .welcome second home owner to stone harbor.please enjoy MY town .because we have to put up with this every day during your 120 day hey i am a summer local/lunchbox/shoobee/second home owner local till sept.all you are is a tourist

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Villa Cav
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

they should let golf carts in the villas it would save me some gas money while im at my place down here.

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I'd sooner ban cars and have everyone ride around in the golf carts. Screw those clunky polluting monstrosities.