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I cannot describe my feelings about the constant stray animals I see around Rio Grande. Every time I see a poor, defenseless dog or cat, it brings me to tears. I feel it is my right to pick these animals up, so I am now the owner of 12 dogs and 19 cats.
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Suzanne Taylor's picture
Suzanne Taylor
- Cape May, New Jersey

Please take any animal you pick up to the county animal shelter in Crest Haven.That animal may have been someones lost pet and they are going crazy looking.The shelter will put the animals up for adoption after they have been checked for a microchip.

Elizabeth Turpin Hoster's picture
Elizabeth Turpi...
- Marmora, New Jersey

I believe the CMC Animal Shelter is now a NO KILL Shelter, if i'm wrong please correct me.

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Janet Rich Klecz
- New York, New York

This is because most humans are disgusting, selfish creatures.