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I agree about all the loose Pit Bulls in the Villas. You can't walk, or ride your bike, or walk your dog in peace. That's why I carry weapons with me. You have to.
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Janet Rich Klecz's picture
Janet Rich Klecz
- New York, New York

I agree, and I hear that the Animal Control is called to several of these owners homes,
because the dogs are totally neglected.

Leah Thomas's picture
Leah Thomas
- Wildwood, New Jersey

The funny part to this is half the animals running loose aren't pit bulls they are mixed breeds that take resemblance of the breed! Also I have seen numerous times of other breeds not just Pit bulls running the streets of the villas. Carrying a weapon is stupid because just because the dog seems threatening doesn't mean it always is. I think I would be more scare of the stupidperson carrying a concealed weapon then the damn dog!!!!