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Higher taxes for already bloated, overstaffed parks, police, public works and water sewer departments is a waste of taxpayer money. Now it is time to cut the budgets of all of the city's departments. Maybe it is time for some employees to be laid off and for the ratio of managers and officers cut to allow for more workers to be out working the streets. As a resort city, Wildwood needs to give incentives to businesses to come here and for people to move here.
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Danny Rider

If you think the police dept is overstaffed you should be sh0t. Its ridiculous to think that you thnk that an undermanned dept is bloated. get a life loser

Michael Reyes

Plain and simple Wildwood police do not know how to deal with the drug problems. We need a police chief and prosecutor with big city experience. I do notice DEA agents here all the time.