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Cape May
Hasn't anyone noticed parking isn't that bad anymore? Due primarily to the downturn in tourism here. There are empty spots along Beach Drive during the height of the season. Victorian B & B's are becoming extinct and new boutique venues are "in," along with vacation destination rentals. Are we killing the new turn in our city by placing such rules and regulations on this viable plus to our economy? The park is a good idea and perhaps will encompass the horrific dog park on Lafayette St.
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Stephen Coon's picture
Stephen Coon
- Cape May, New Jersey

Maybe the overall cost of going to the beach is just too much here and people are going elsewhere where beaches and parking are free. Cape May is simply getting too expensive in today's economy.

Suzanne Taylor's picture
Suzanne Taylor
- Cape May, New Jersey

The park is a great idea and fixing up that area gives a nicer look coming into town.I believe the regulations you are talking about are for the event house rentals.I beg to disagree with you because our beautiful Homes and peaceful town is our calling card.Loud and rowdy events in a residential neighborhood will do nothing except scare folks away.Our guests are coming, and they will spend money on quality[restaurants,B&B}but they will no longer over spend.