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Gun rights supporters and the NRA argue that we don't need new gun control laws; just enforce the laws we have now. Then in the next breath they say that criminals don't obey laws. If criminals don't obey laws, what's the point in having the laws we have now? Apparently, according to the 'logic' of gun rights supporters and the NRA, we might as well have no laws at all.
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Bob Norton
- Greensboro, North Carolina

Can't argue with the inteligent statement that you posted, besides I doubt you would even get it.

You're right. The laws on the books are not a deterrent for any criminal committing crimes with a gun because when they do get caught, they plea and snake their way out of the gun charges. All of the current gun laws do is inconvenience law abiding citizens who aren't even out committing crimes in the first place.

Here's an idea...allow everyone to own whatever they want(30 round magazines/"assault weapons"- everything people get to enjoy and own back in the free United States), but when they get used in a crime, put the person who committed the crime in prison for a very long time! No plea bargaining, no deals getting out of the charges. There is absolutely no reason to burden law abiding citizens who aren't using their firearms irresponsibly. None. I don't use my 15 round magazines in the commission of any crimes, so why am I being cut down to 10 rounds? I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! Today, I'm a perfect law abiding citizen, they go and pass this law and tomorrow I'm a felon looking at 10 years in prison! In all honestly, there is no reason for us to get firearms ID cards, or permits to purchase a pistol as every gun sale in NJ goes through the same background check at the point of sale as you do when you first apply to get the firearms ID card or permit to purchase a pistol. All it does is waste your tax dollars and burden State Troopers with conducting the redundant checks when they could be out busting bad guys, instead they are pushing paper.
I have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in 34 states, and have done so without any issues for several years now. Why can't New Jersey trust me to carry here? Am I suddenly not going to be as safe? Why is my right to carry a weapon to defend myself OK in 34 states, but not here in my home state? Because of people like you, and our legislators think they know what is best for us...yet crime is just increasing and increasing. Where will it end?!

Start going after the people committing the crimes, not the law abiding citizens of NJ. Take your anti-gun propaganda and move to the UK where guns are banned if you're so scared of guns. Take Piers Morgan with you. America was built with guns, and if you don't like our freedom- there is the door. You really think criminals are going to say "let me go sell all of my 15 round magazines and go buy 10 round magazines"? Stop being so idiotic.

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- Chatham, Ontario