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A good indicator of the decline of an area is the number of dollar stores and tattoo parlors. We seem to have plenty of both, along with laundry and furniture centers. All those businesses show a growing underclass that is struggling to survive here.
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- North Cape May, New Jersey

You should be ashamed of yourself with such an uneducated comment.,tattooing is not a poor persons sport for struggling people.,I tattoo cops.,lawyers.,doctors.,assembly men.,and state senators along with hard working honest people.,the decline in our area if there is such a thing would be contributed to the greedy real estate crooks along with other corrupted officials that somehow view themselves on a pedestal.,.Remember this: The next time you need the police for help.,or a doctor.,or a lawyer.,or help from a town official.,you'll will be recieving help from a tattooed person 99 times out of 100.,you just don't see them through their work uniform.,perhaps you could let them know how you feel about tattoos the next time they're helping you.,.I've raised thousands of dollars for 5 different major charities in this past year alone through my tattoo studio.,donated countless hours of my time,and never profited one dime.,all proceeds went to the cause.,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY TO HELP MY GOOD SIR?.,We are good clean honest people running a professional studio.,Nobody in our county appreciates a negative attitude and that is exactly what you are displaying here.,very shameful.,and no I would never expect an apology from your type......