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The Court House spouter that thinks sports and art are on the same level as academic subjects, is just wrong. The only purpose of a school is education and that is the only thing our tax dollars should go towards. If some parent wants their kid to play sports, let them do so on their own time and with their own money, rather than mooch off taxpayers. In the real world, you use math and science. You need to be able to read and write. No one cares if you can paint a picture or play football. Bakley was right. The school board should prioritize academics over sports and arts.
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Eric Revelli
- New York, New York

I don't think that you understand importance of sports in 'the real world,' there is actually quite a bit of carry over from sports to the real world. I played football for lower, I played college, and I played arena football if you're going to tell me that I've learned nothing from sports you're out of your mind. Sports teaches kids to better themselves, hard work, and consistency leads to success as well as the kids who grow up in less that ideal living situations it gives them an outlet and it helps them cope with whatever is going on in their life not to mention it builds a support system amongst peers that normal interpersonal interaction can not forge. I suggest getting off of your high horse and go do something active or better yet talk to the kids who play sports and see how their sport effects their life.