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Lower Township
Cape May Deputy Mayor Wichterman states Gagliardi has been successful in having three regional school districts funding formulas changed. He is either woefully uninformed, duped or his nose is growing longer. Wichterman: I challenge you to publicly name the three regional school districts where the Department of Education commissioner has actually changed a regional school funding formula and why. North Haledon received a change in formula due to racial segregation, which is not an issue here.
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Bob Norton
- Greensboro, North Carolina

Jackie Wichterman is a person that will waste everyone's money over a failed and expensive venture that is doomed to fail. Heck, he is already bailing out of the picture. He is an incompetent, ostensible public servent that will run up big debt then disappear just like Lower's Larry Starner (yes, I knew him well, may he rest in peace) did. I, Bob Norton, challenge you Jackie Wichterman to debate my position or even respond if you are up to it (yes I know about the reason you "chose" not to run), I am not new to the game sir. Good day.