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Town Bank
Can someone from the township please do something about the dogs doing their business along and on the beaches of Town Bank? There were five spots that were not picked up by the dog owners from Racetrack to Townbank Rd. alone. Something needs to be done. This is a health hazard. At no other beach is this tolerated. There are dogs off leashes daily. Where is animal control?
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Suzanne Taylor's picture
Suzanne Taylor
- Cape May, New Jersey

You need to place that call,don't depend on someone else.YOU call animal control and tell them what is going on.You are correct that it is a health hazard,and you have every right to report it.

Janet Rich Klecz's picture
Janet Rich Klecz
- New York, New York

Why oh why won't Mayor Beck and Michael Voll designate one beach, ONE, as a dog friendly beach? Folks that do not have a dog, also no longer have any rights. smh