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Dennis Township
Aren't there enough spouts about schools and teachers already? How come nobody bothers to babble about doctors or preachers, or is it that just because you went to school you know everything about education? I'm not involved with the schools, but I think too many people with no recent school experiences submit these spouts.
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Bob Norton
- Greensboro, North Carolina

You are incorrect. Further, doctors and preachers do not directly affect the taxes that people pay. Public schools are accountable to not only their students, but also the community that they serve. If they do not perform, state aid is reduced thereby creating a burden on the tax payer. When public schools continue to employ teachers that are no longer needed due to a decline in enrollment (ie. LCMR HS), the tax payer must continue to pay for these superfluous educators. I hope this clears the issue up for you.