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Are we Latinos the only ones to notice the high number of school suspensions of minority students here? True, we are in the majority here, but Hispanic and black children are more likely than whites to be punished for the same infractions, and the numbers prove it.
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Bob Norton's picture
Bob Norton
- Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Are you for real?

Bob Norton's picture
Bob Norton
- Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Thought so. Good day.

Michael Reyes

I go by that school everyday I see kids hanging outside the school during school hours smoking with the teachers.

Anthony Petito's picture
Anthony Petito
- Wildwood, New Jersey

blah blah blah racism blah blah blah

Matthew McElroy's picture
Matthew McElroy
- Chicopee, Massachusetts

Yea bc everything is racist they are going to have a rude awaking when we get sick of there bs and push back