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Any teacher that voted for Chris Christie should be the first to be laid off when budget cuts occur. Republican teachers should volunteer to be riffed since they believe in smaller government. It's bad enough that so many NJ residents were gullible enough to vote for him. Any teacher that voted for Christie is a traitor to their profession. Christie has brought nothing but misery to teaching. Many teachers have lost their jobs, working conditions are worse than ever, and teacher pay has been reduced by his "pension/benefit reforms" which is just a tax.
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Villa Cav
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Grow up and join the real world. Teachers are over paid, lazy and in reality can not cut in the real world. Prep periods, summers and holidays off, come on would any teacher have this in any other job. lets not forget the unions that protect incompetent teachers from being fired. blame the kids for not learning and bash any type of evaluation that makes teachers accountable

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- Stone Harbor, New Jersey

hey tc you voted for obama twice so what is wrong with you