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North Cape May
After the summer of 2014, something has to be done to improve the deplorable conditions of the beach, road, parking and sanitation. The majority in council are, for whatever reason, doing their best to diminish the natural beauty of a great area. The Ward 2 council person made a statement in a publication before the summer, that the bay front area is a natural treasure that should be enjoyed by everyone. These words have led to a rapid decline in the area. L.T. taxpayers are being burdened by the ills that have been caused by bad policies. Hope 2015 is better on the bay front for everyone!
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Sean Farrell's picture
Sean Farrell
- Villas, New Jersey

It has been made very clear that the residents along the bay in North Cape May don't want anything done to make it easier for others to enjoy the area, so I don't see why the rest of us should then be all that concerned with the state of the roads or anything else over there.

Janet Rich Klecz's picture
Janet Rich Klecz
- New York, New York

It is their neighborhood. Would you want that nonsense in front of your house?

Amanda Springer Lazaro's picture
Amanda Springer...
- North Cape May, New Jersey

It's our neighborhood! Just because they can afford to live along the water does not mean they own the coast. The bay front is a public asset....not private. Everyone in the county should be able to enjoy a PUBLICLY OWED beach. As it stands, Shore Drive is slowly caving into the water. When the conditions get bad enough these same homeowners will demand that taxpayers pay to fix "Their" neighborhood. Living in a society means that it's got to go both ways, not one person wins while everyone else has to foot the bill.

George Smith

North Cape May is just trying to hold on to the beauty of the Bay that they remember when they first came here. That is why I was against the Boardwalk there. It was peaceful then. Lived here a long time and I have seen many changes and have accepted it but leave the Bay alone